Sunday, October 3, 2010


It’s easy for you to get your set of Premium Beautiful corset today! 
  • Just SMS or email me your measurement and I’ll do the suitable size checking.
  • PAY IN ADVANCE upon confirmed order using a few Premium Beautiful payment methods.
  • Your Premium Beautiful corset will be delivered to you within 3 days (local shipping within Malaysia). I also accept international orders, worldwide!

Premium Beautiful Corset – Payment Methods

Premium Beautiful Payment Method - Cash
I encourage CASH PAYMENT 24 hours a day! Cash payment can be done using online bank transfer or bank-in to my Maybank account (using Maybank2uCIMB ClickRHB Online, etc). Just send me an SMS or email to confirm order and I will let you know my Maybank account instantly.
If you don’t have any online bank facilities, I can also accept cash by hand if we can meet up in the area stated as below.
Credit Card
You can also pay your Premium Beautiful corset using CREDIT CARDS through PayPal International.
PayPal is the safer and easier way to pay using credit cards without sharing confidential financial information with me. Credit card transaction with PayPal isconfirmed secured and safe.
You just need to create a personal account with Paypal and enter credit card information once in Paypal secured website. So, no need to give me your credit card information.
Once you have registered with PayPal, you can use it to pay for any other purchases online securely!
Beware when giving out credit card information especially the Card Verification Code (CVC) to someone else using a form. The CVC code (can be found at the back of your credit card) can be misused to make fraud purchases online using your credit card.
There is a standard service charge of 5% applicable for payment using Paypal / Credit Cards. I will add the 5% service charge on top of the cost of Premium Beautiful and shipping. Because PayPal will deduct 5% from the money I receive from you automatically (hence, I get less money for the transaction).
Else, I will get a loss everytime people use Paypal / Credit Card to pay. The 5%  charge also applicable for offline crdit card usage using a form emailed/faxed to you. Do note, I only accept credit card via PayPal only for securit reasons.

How To Use PayPal

Of course, you need to have a PayPal account | Click Here To Sign Up with PayPal.
Just let me know you PayPal EMAIL and I will send a PayPal invoice direct to your email. Then, you can click a link provided in the invoice or login to your secured PayPal account and make payment.
Not enough cash and no credit cards?
You can get your Premium Beautiful corset by instalment payment with RHB Easy!
RHB Easy Pinjaman Express
Just bring along your MyKad and go to the nearest  RHB Easy branch to apply for aRM 2,000 personal loan. You will get instant approvals and loan disbursement (cash).
RHB Easy Pinjaman Express
After getting the RM 2,000, then you can pay me cash to get your Premium Beautiful corset.
The monthly instalment will need to be done to your RHB Easy account. Simple, easy and safe!
RHB Easy Pinjaman Express is available at all RHB bank branches and RHB Easy Kiosk in Tesco.

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